Promoter FAGRI – Filiera Agricola Italiana

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F.Agr.I. was founded in 1995, in Rome, at the behest of a large group of operators in the agricultural sector throughout the country who felt the necessity to make an effective and long-lasting contribut ion to agriculture and the trade union world that revolved around it. F.Agr.I. is a non-profit organization. It is inspired by the values of the social doctrine of the Christian Church, reaffirming its actions on the dignity of the human person and committing itself to the dissemination of the culture of solidarity.

 La F.Agr.I, inoltre, ispira la sua azione all’adozione di misure che, intese a valorizzare l’agricoltura italiana in tutte le sue espressioni professionali e territoriali, comportino per tutte le componenti rurali, il riconoscimento pieno di quei valori morali e culturali che sono fondamento e alimento della civiltà dei popoli.Ad oggi alla Fagri sono iscritti circa 110.000 persone tra agricoltori, imprese agroalimentari, imprese agroindustriali e pensionati.

FAGRIFOOD - Organizer:

Fagrifood is an international trading company that deals with the selection, purchase, distribution and sale in Italy and abroad of excellent food products branded as "Quality at km 0" (Farm to market) and "Quality Made in Italy"